Airbus Eurocopter MBB BK-117 – Twin Turbine Engine

The BK-117 is a light/medium twin engined utility helicopter with a global reputation as a reliable, versatile aircraft ideally suited for corporate, tourist, rescue and utility role. It is a twin engine helicopter whose rugged but sleek design and large cabin interior provides mission versatility without sacrificing comfort.It is popular for passenger and VIP transport, and is also used in aerial crane and sling work, seismic operations, law enforcement, firefighting, military support, and is exceptional in an air ambulance and search and rescue platform.

The BK-117 offers an exceptionally stable lifting platform for long line operations, its Cat A capability meets the CAA rule requirement for lifting operations over congested areas and for the carriage of human sling loads. As a tool for the emergency services and civil defense organisations throughout the country it offers unequalled versatility with the ability to carry between seven and nine passengers or up to 1200kg internal or external loads. The rear clam shell doors offer easy and safe loading for equipment or stretchers during civil emergency.It meets the growing demand for discerning travellers who for personal or business liability reasons demand twin engine and often two pilot operations. In the single pilot role the BK-117 can carry seven passengers in air-conditioned comfort with standard international baggage. In the two pilot role, six passengers plus standard international baggage can be carried at cruise speeds between 120-140 knots offering a range of 240 nm between refuels. Extended Range Turtle Pac fuel system available for offshore and extended range operations.



Eurocopter MBB BK117 A3



Type Engine:

2 x Honeywell LTS650B1


Transmission limitation 986 HP


1 pilot and up to 7 Passengers

Service Ceiling:

20,000 ft +

Cruise Speed:

130 knots (240km/hr)

Maximum Airspeed:

150 knots (278km/hr)

Max. Gross weight:

7054lbs (3200kg)

Empty Weight:

4299lb (1950kg)

Useful Load:

2755lbs. (1250kg) - fuel, personnel, and cargo

External Load Capacity:

1200KG on the hook

Fuel Load:

704L - standard fuel load

Fuel Burn Rate at Cruise:

290 Litres/hr

Range (w/aux. fuel):

240 nautical miles (444 km)

Dimensions (external):

Main rotor span – 36.08 ft (11 m)

Total length – 42.65 ft (13 m)

Tail height – 12.63 ft (3.85 m)

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