Electricity Industry Operations

With over 23 years working within the electricity sector HeliForce has obtained extensive experience servicing this demanding industry.

Through constant consultation we have continually strived to refine and improve our energised and de-energised line maintenance and survey procedures ensuring that our operations continue to be leading edge, safe, and cost effective.

HeliForce’s extensive operational experience in the electricity industry includes:

  • Joint Testing
  • Power Pole Placement
  • Conductor Survey
  • Thermographic Survey
  • High Tension Tower Construction
  • Wire Stringing
  • Corrosion Inspection
  • WESCAM Survey
  • Fault Patrol
  • LIDAR Survey
  • Spacer Placement
  • Live Line Maintenance
  • Insulator Washing
  • Corona Survey

HeliForce has developed in-house an insulator washing system that washes the innermost insulator on towers while maintaining safe helicopter clearances. (Not hovering above or inside conductor span or earth-wire.) The washing system has proven excellent results washing both horizontal and vertical insulators and centre-line insulators.

HeliForce have pioneered Splice Shunt Joint Repairs and Steel Find Joint Testing in conjunction with Transpower and Transpower Contractors. These procedures have been developed and carried out successfully on New Zealand’s main grid.

It is important to note that HeliForce can conduct virtually any helicopter operation. With our comprehensive industry experience and internal quality/safety systems HeliForce can evaluate your proposed project and based upon a comprehensive risk analysis complete the project safely and efficiently.

Live Line Maintenance
With a large fleet of twin engine helicopters HeliForce are well resourced to provide helicopter support for any live line operation throughout New Zealand. We have five senior pilots who are experienced and certified to carry out live line human sling operations. Our BK117 helicopters meet section 10 of the ESAA standard for live line work.

HeliForce has developed a voice activated communication system between the suspended lineman, helicopter pilot and ground personnel. This enables clear and concise communication between all parties greatly enhancing the safety and efficiency of these operations.

Live Line Inspection & Repair
Whether it is patch rod, damper or joint replacement. With a suspended linesmen the inspection of damaged hardware on assets can be conducted quickly and efficiently.

Joint Testing
HeliForce provides helicopter support for live line joint testing of mid span and dead end joints throughout the country and has tested thousands of joints throughout New Zealand to date.

We have the experience and equipment to provide helicopter support on carting operations.

CInter-phase Spacer Placement
In harsh environments where phase to phase clashing is an issue we can assist in the placement of inter-phase spacers.

*Operated by Precision Helicopters Ltd